Fujie Felines
Honolulu Siamese

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Fujie Felines
Honolulu Siamese

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About Us

History of Siamese



The Siamese is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cat and has a history as long and colorful as the cat itself. The Siamese is also (arguably) the most recognizable breed on the planet. According to accounts, these sleek cats with the brilliant blue eyes and outspoken personality originated in Siam (now Thailand), where they lived in palaces and temples. They were treasured as companions of royalty and religious leaders for generations, and served as guardians of precious documents and valuables in the Buddhist temples.

Because the Siamese was so valued in its native land the cats were rarely given to outsiders. 

The first Siamese imported to North America lived in the White House. This well-documented account occurred in November of 1878, when David B. Sickels, a U.S. diplomat stationed at the consulate in Bangkok, sent a Siamese cat to first lady Lucy Hayes. In a letter that can be viewed in the Paper Trail archives of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, Sickels wrote, “I have taken the liberty of forwarding you one of the finest specimens of Siamese cats that I have been able to procure in this country . . . I am informed that this is the first attempt ever made to send a Siamese cat to America.”

By the early 1900s, Siamese cats began appearing in North American cat shows. The breed rapidly clawed its way to the top of the cat fancy’s scratching post, and today is one of most popular shorthaired breed in North America. Due to its popularity, the breed has been used in the matrix of many modern cat breeds, including the Ocicat, Himalayan, Burmese, Tonkinese, and Oriental breeds, such as the Oriental Shorthair, Oriental Longhair, and the Balinese.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline



Welcome to Fujie Felines Cattery! 

We are a CFA Registered Cattery, and we breed fabulous and active Siamese! 

Our focus is on the four color classes that are recognized by CFA – Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Lilac Point and Blue Point.

We are a small home-based cattery in Honolulu. We have been breeding award-winning Siamese for over 7 years on Oahu, Hawaii. 

Our goal is to breed loving Siamese Cats with excellent temperament, health, and beauty. We socialize our kittens from birth. Placing our kittens in their forever homes where they will receive never-ending love, respect and care is very important to us. Our cats and kittens are not only our pets, 

they are like our children. 

We take special pride in the accomplishments of our cats. We love to show our cats in the CFA shows in Honolulu. We have many Grand Champions and Grand Premier Cats as well as a retired Queen who has reached the level of Distinguished Merit. We have a Regional Winner, Fujie Felines Miss Mattie who earned Top Championship Cat in the state of Hawaii for the season 2016-2017. 

Cattery Achievements


CFA Breed Council Member since 2012

CFA Cattery of Excellence

  Best Cat Hawaii

GC Fujie Felines Miss Mattie Fujie

Seal Point Female
  DOB: 04/08/2013
Sire:   GC Davisiam Shazz Beau of Kaluamoa
  Dam: GC Kaluamoa Heggy Fujie, DM
  Breeder: Donna Fujie
  Owner: Donna & Richard Fujie


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  About Dr. Richard Fujie, DVM, Phd
Grew up in the Big Island of Hawaii.
Attended the University of

Richard M. Fujie, DVM, PhD

Dr. Fujie grew up in Hilo, attended University of Hawaii and received his Bachelor of Arts in Zoology and a Master of Science in Animal Science.

At Washington State University, Dr. Fujie did a concurrent degree program and received his DVM and PhD.

In 2009 he opened King Street Pet Hopsital with his partner, Dr. Shelby Goo, 

Richard enjoys showing his award winning cats and has fun playing with each new litter.  


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Donna Fujie

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